Bring a friend week is back in 2014

bringafriend_bodyimage1All existing and new students are encouraged and welcomed to bring a friend, relative or both to experience and enjoy one of our classes just for the fun of it. We will be operating bring a friend for all classes during the first week of term 1 at all studios, so this means you 🙂

We have decided to do this again due to the success of our original program and popular demand so get your dance shoes and share one of your classes with someone you love.

But what will they need to bring?

Nothing but enthusiasm and a big smile.*  **

*(May we also suggest some loose fitting, easy to move around in clothing)

**Tap classes will require a non-grip sole shoe or tap shoes if you have them

What about a drink bottle?

It is always good to stay hydrated while exercising and we would strongly encourage and recommend that you bring a drink bottle with fresh water in it, although there is also access to water in all studios if required.

But What if I have never danced before?

Awesome! Dance is an experience.

The more technical side is learnt and taught over time. At Have2Dance we focus on a love for dance while imparting technical knowledge in a fun and friendly environment.

So you think you can Dance?

Even better, let us push your dancing limits to the full and find the right class(es) for you.